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Can you, your child, or your students relate to any of these comments?

"I did my homework, but can't find it."

"I can't find that paper the teacher gave me."

"I cannot make good on a test."

"I am tired of fighting with my child about homework!"

If you answered yes...then the SOAR Study Skills Seminar can help. Our consultants were so excited to find this outstanding curriculum and are eager to share it with you! 

SOAR® Learning, founded by a certified teacher (Susan Kruger) and learning specialist, has been specializing in study skills since 1996. They continuously research effective learning skills and strategies and have developed a comprehensive study skills curriculum based on years of feedback from the wonderful students, parents, and educators with whom they have worked.

The SOAR® Study Skills program is:

  • Trusted by educators across the country as in use in over 500 schools nationwide!

  • Aligned to ACT’s WorkKeys and the 21st Century Skills.

  • Based on sound, educational research.

SOAR® teaches basic, fundamental learning and organizing skills that allow students to be more efficient and effective in school.

Strategies are presented in a simple pattern…one logical step after another. They learn how to efficiently:

  • Manage time

  • Organize papers

  • Take notes

  • Plan homework & projects

  • Improve reading comprehension

  • Set goals

  • Organize space

  • Take tests

  • Communicate with parents & teachers

  • Write papers

Most importantly, SOAR® teaches students WHY each strategy works, which provides two benefits:

1) Students are not confused over when to use strategies or how to apply them.

2) Because students will learn the principles behind the strategies, they can add some “personalization,” giving them ownership.

For more information, check out

The SOAR Study Skills Seminar has six components and can be presented in a condensed 1/2 day session or regular one day session. If we are close enough to your school, we can offer three mini-sessions where we cover two components each session.

Cost (1/2 day): $50/student (minimum 10 students)

Cost (1 day): $75/student (minimum 10 students)

SOAR Supply Kit (Optional): $50/student

          (If you have more than 25 students, contact us for a special price.)

Materials: Each student will receive his/her personal copy of SOAR Study Skills by Susan Kruger.

Optional Materials (SOAR Supply Kit): Everything you need to implement the SOAR® Binder System is included in this optional supply kit. The supplies contained in the kit are readily available at most office supply stores, but this convenient, customized kit will help you start the SOAR® Program quickly.

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