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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take the ACT?

We recommend that you achieve your goal score by June of your Junior year - before college and scholarship applications are due. This avoids last-minute pressure to get to that certain score when the deadlines are fast approaching. Therefore it is recommended that a student take the ACT the first time in December, April, or June of their Sophomore year to allow time to reach that goal score. 

What is so important about the December/April/June test?

Students may order the score report for these dates. This is a copy of the test and their answers for that test date.  

How many times can I take the ACT?

According to the ACT website, the maximum number of times you may take the test is 12. There are some re-testing restrictions as well. Please see for complete information. Most students take the test at least 2-3 times to achieve their goal scores. 

Should I take the ACT writing test?

Because each university has a different policy about the writing test, it is best to directly contact the admissions offices of the schools in which your student is interested and ask about this requirement. 

How do I register to take the ACT?

You must register online to take the ACT. All testing dates and registration information can be found at Note that registration deadlines are well ahead of the test date, so register early. This is also important for getting your first choice of testing center.

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