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One-Day or Half-Day Seminar

Purpose: In a one-day seminar, StudentKeys® helps students identify, appreciate, and capitalize on natural strengths so that they will be in a better position to communicate, learn, think, make critical decisions, and set realistic goals. Six different workbooks enable students to identify and become familiar with their unique personality style, learning style, thinking style, values style, and occupational style. In the half-day (4) four hour seminar, three of the six workbooks may be selected.

Topics Include: 

The Personality Style Workbook introduces the personality style concept and identifies individual personality style using the DiSC® method of personality assessment. Together, the profile and exercises will help students learn to communicate more effectively, understand and appreciate their unique behavior strengths, limitations, and diversity of themselves and others.

 • The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook introduces the learning styles concept, offers tips to enhance learning, and profiles a student’s perceptual learning style in order to improve study habits to achieve better grades.

• The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook uses the L.I.T.E. method of thinking style assessment and contains a cognitive thinking style profile, characteristics of the four styles, strengths, limitations, group values, and tips on learning for each style.

The Career Choice Workbookidentifies the student’s personality style using the DiSC ® profiling system. Occupational suggestions are offered to compliment personality styles as well as information on 21st Century workforce requirements and Internet sites that will allow students to gather information about specific occupations. 

The Goal Setting Workbookoffers tips and exercises designed to assist students in achieving realistic goals. Students are encouraged to set goals in career, education, leisure, and professional areas.

The Values Style Workbookhelps students understand how Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom, and Justice impact their professional and personal life.

One-Day Seminar Cost: $75/student (minimum 10 students)

Materials: Each student will receive a set of all six StudentKeys® workbooks.  

Half-Day Seminar Cost: $50/student (minimum 10 students)

Materials: Each student will receive three of the six StudentKeys® workbooks based on your choice.

(If you have more than 25 students, contact us for a special price.)

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